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This is the all-new Peugeot , the second generation of the French small car that takes on alternatives such as the Ford Fiesta , Volkswagen Polo and brand new Renault Clio. Peugeot is famous for its lion badge, but in the the comparison to the king of the jungle runs deeper than just the emblem.

GT Line models — like the yellow car here — look even sportier; they get inch alloy wheels and gloss-black surrounds for the wheel arches and windows. And, the combination of a digital instrument binnacle and infotainment screens in 7 or 10 inches in size, also give the car a high-tech air.

The is available with a head-up display that projects information onto the windscreen and comes as standard with Apple Carplay and Android Auto. What it also does is make the car feel clean and uncluttered — you only get one row of primary buttons and even they have a posh metal finish.

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The premium feel is helped along by your choice of chic fabric seats, while posh models get leather and in GT Line cars Alcantara. However, interior storage includes a cubby under the front centre armrest, a tray in front of the gear stick and lidded storage in the centre console. It has a kW motor and a 50kWh battery which will give it nippy in-town performance and a range of miles.

Using a rapid charger the battery can be charged from empty to 80 per cent in 30 minutes.

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This includes an online tool that can help you plan routes that include stop-offs to charge your e and free rental of a petrol or diesel car for longer trips. The range kicks off with the 75hp model which gets a five-speed manual gearbox, while the hp version gets a six-speed manual with the option to upgrade to an eight-speed auto. The top-of-the-range hp petrol, meanwhile, gets the auto as standard. To that, you can add automatic brakes that work at up to 85mph and detect cars as well as people, auto park and auto-dipping headlights.

The new Peugeot will go on sale soon after its public unveiling at the Geneva motor show in March. Charging the e takes up to eight hours using a 7. Petrol engine options include 1.

Our favourite is likely to be the mid-range Puretech — the one we recommend in both the and — for its smooth, gutsy performance and excellent fuel economy. If you cover lots of miles, you can have a 99bhp 1. Gearbox options are a six-speed manual or an eight-speed automatic. You can choose from Eco, Normal and Sport driving modes via a switch on the centre console. The latter two have sporty looks, with bespoke LED lights, 18in alloy wheels and mood lighting inside.

Go for the e and you get a body-coloured front grille and bespoke seat trims. Driver assistance technologies include adaptive cruise control, lane-keeping assistance, a self-parking system, fatigue warning and automatic emergency braking that can recognise pedestrians and cyclists.

That means the new will cost you more than the T-Cross and Arona, but neither of those rivals currently offers an electric version. For all the latest reviews, advice and new car deals, sign up to the What Car?

So what engines can I choose from in the new 208?

Small SUVs are among the most popular cars on sale because they offer the high-set driving position, practicality and muscular looks of more traditional off-roaders, but usually without the high purchase price or running costs — so they can make great family cars. The Countryman has a well-appointed, plush-looking interior and a decently sized boot. It handles well, but the ride can be unsettled and it has more road and wind noise than in some rivals.

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The Countryman is large by small SUV standards and makes decent use of what space there is. Like the Clio, a range of economical petrol and diesel engines are available and only the front wheels are driven. The Captur is good value, undercutting most of its rivals on purchase price and offering some of the lowest CO2 emissions in its class.

It's not as swift or agile as the competition, though, and its interior quality is underwhelming compared with the best in class.

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We have discounted deals on most new cars on sale, so you're never far away from finding a new car deal in your area. Stylish, practical and good to drive, the well-equipped Peugeo Follow What Car? Information for dealers Sitemap Contact What Car?

new peugeot 2019 deals New peugeot 2019 deals
new peugeot 2019 deals New peugeot 2019 deals
new peugeot 2019 deals New peugeot 2019 deals
new peugeot 2019 deals New peugeot 2019 deals
new peugeot 2019 deals New peugeot 2019 deals

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