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When you need your bike fixed, tuned, or your suspension setup or maybe just have a question about your bike, you are talking to someone who takes your safety seriously and has your best interest in mind. My shop might not stock all that pretty stuff but we've got what you need to keep riding. You can get all that cool stuff you see online and ship it here for free or ship it back to your home.

The Head Rest at Deal’s Gap & Tail of the Dragon

Durin S Day , Oct 9, Rustic , Oct 9, I have never understood the fascination with Deal's Gap, all posers, cool factor I guess. Land of Curved Goodness. I go to deals gap on cloudy weekdays or in the winter. That's about it, otherwise there's a bunch of suicidal idiots running around everywhere.

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I prefere to be the only suicidal idiot in the vincinty In all seriousness, I love the challange of that road, but building skills and mastery is what it's all about. That only happens for me with challange. Kind of a baby steps idea - just a little bit more. Being comfortable enough in my saddle or hanging off of it to scrape pegs on my R bike in "sport mode" gives me the confidence and ability to avoid roadkill on a loaded bike in "touring mode" when I suddenly find myself in a decreasing radius turn. So, I ride it in the winter.

Kickstand Lodge motorcycle campground

Gotta watch aggressive riding in the winter though - tire temps are way down. I don't remember any of them that have 10 creek crossings but all of them are tons of fun.

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They can be done on any of the "adventure bikes" - fast on s, slower on the big bikes. The best way to find the roads is to to use a www. Stop in at one of the stores I suggest Wheeler's Performance that sells www.

Cherohala Skyway N.C., with Gary J on the GoldWing

One road that is easy to find is FS 81 - the road to Stewart's Cabin. This road start at the begining side of the NC end of the Cherohala Skyway on the right of the Skyway at the intersection of the Skyway and the road to the Joyce Kilmer Forest. I will check tomorrow on the specfics on the supposed "Dirt Tail of the Dragon".

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I saved the directions from an old posting on a computer at work. I will also gather some route 's on the paved twisties I was speaking of in VA. I was raised in that area and went riding there last week, but I navigate by sight and memory since it is home.

Approximately 26 miles, traversing over 3 mountains. Amazing road!!!

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Make sure to stop at the end in Tazewell and have a cold one at actual name Frog Level Service Station. I would be interested in getting a few of us in the surrounding area together to check out the gravel roads around Deal's Gap.

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  5. Western North Carolina is Famous for its Scenic Mountain Roads and Spectacular Views.
  6. Dragon Cherohala Loop!
  7. The creek crossing I used earlier is still stuck in my head about a gravel road I heard about somewhere in that area?????? Out back there's covered parking and picnic tables to relax around.

    The original Tail of the Dragon at Deals Gap action photographer.

    I can't count the number of times I've put on or took off my raingear at these tables. They have a website. Cherohala Skyway Once again, I don't need to comment about this road. Hwy 28 You first encounter some great sweepers and then, as you get closer to Deal's Gap, there's a sharp increase in hairpin twisties.

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