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Is a low deposit loan. Has a guarantor option. Alternatively, Sarah's parents may be willing to guarantee a portion of their deposit. So a loan that allows for guarantors is a great option. The cautious investor Margaret is currently paying off her home. The best loan for Margaret: Is an investment loan.

She cannot purchase an investment property with an owner-occupier loan. Has a competitive interest rate. Investment loans have higher interest rates, so she needs to shop around for the best deal.

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Has limited features. As her current loan has an offset account, and paying off this debt is her priority, Margaret doesn't need a full-featured loan. David wants to refinance to a loan that: Has a much lower interest rate. This could save David thousands of dollars a year. Has low fees. David's current mortgage has a hefty discharge fee. He wants to switch to a mortgage that doesn't slug him with more costs. Has an offset account. David has managed to put away a bit of extra money while making repayments.

He wants to put this cash into an offset to lower his interest repayments. How long does the home loan application process take? You could get your home loan approved within a few days, though the proper answer is that it depends. Each loan and application process is different, so it's hard to give a ballpark figure. If you're in a hurry, your lender can usually arrange settlement within a few days when your application has been conditionally approved. How do I know how much I can borrow?

Get an estimate of how much you can borrow with our calculator by entering a few of your details. This can give you an idea of how much you can afford to spend. Post-GFC, these types of loans are only possible if you have a guarantor. This is someone, usually family, who is willing offer their property as security for the loan.

Home Loans For First Time Buyers [Best Mortgage Deals for 2019]

I'm a pensioner: what can I do to get the right mortgage? If you're a pensioner who already owns a home you should look at tapping into the equity in the home with a line of credit loan or a reverse mortgage. It can be harder to get a loan as a low-income pensioner, but many lenders consider various pensions to be a valid source of income.

This includes disability pensions and war widow or veterans' pensions. There are a few steps you can take: Get your debt under control. Look at bad credit home loans tailored for borrowers in your situation. Borrowing amount.

Featured rate (for new borrowings)

Offset home loan package Our offset home loan offers you a complete banking package while giving you the ability to use your savings to pay off your loan sooner by reducing the amount of interest you pay. Apply now. Learn more. Basic home loan Our basic home loan gives you a simple solution with a great rate and no application or account management fees. Home loan calculators How much can I borrow? Earn Qantas Points on your home loan 1 How much stamp duty will I need to pay?

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See how much you can save with an offset home loan. Explore our expertise Buying your first home Refinancing Upsizing or downsizing Building or renovating Investing in property. Get to know the package products Our offset home loan package gives you a flexible loan structure and competitive rate. Macquarie transaction account Macquarie credit cards. Macquarie Home Loans Buying a property is a journey.

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Need some help? Want to speak to a home loan specialist? Success Thank you for completing this form, we'll be in touch. There seems to be an error with your request, please contact us.

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home loan deals Home loan deals
home loan deals Home loan deals
home loan deals Home loan deals
home loan deals Home loan deals
home loan deals Home loan deals
home loan deals Home loan deals
home loan deals Home loan deals
home loan deals Home loan deals
Home loan deals

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