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What's more, Virgin sim-only deals for existing customers also include unlimited free calls to other Virgin mobile phones.

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Better still, Virgin TV and broadband customers also qualify for an exclusive unlimited plan that includes limitless minutes, texts and data. In addition to the various contract plans, Virgin also offers various Virgin Mobile pay as you go deals as well. Offering an out to those with an aversion to long-term contracts, the PAYG option provides customers with the independence to fully control their spending. PAYG is often useful for parents who pick up the bill for their kids, but want to avoid any nasty monthly surprises.

These type of deals tend to suit mobile users who don't really use a large amount of data. They may not be best suited for those who like downloading and streaming frequently, as running out of data and having to continually top up could become an expensive habit.

Virgin Mobile's new tariff will give you a discount for every person in your family

But we have plenty of other mobile deals to browse. If you're after a great contract or a cheap sim-only deal, it's well worth comparing. If you're looking to save money and preserve your data usage, Virgin offers free WiFi at over two million hotspots nationwide, correct in April Meanwhile, if you're yet to make the jump and are still looking for great Virgin Mobile deals, our comparison tool is a must.

One search could unearth some exceptional deals in mere moments. Your results. You're able to change your allowance - and monthly cost - up or down at any point.

Take a look at Virgin Mobile's SIM-only plans using our comparison tool, and you can see how they all compare. All you need to do is pick the one with the best price and allowance - remember you can change it later if it doesn't quite fit your use. Or take a look at our best SIM-only deals. A decent range of handsets are available on Virgin Mobile pay-monthly contracts, including the latest iPhones and Samsung Galaxy phones, plus mid-range and budget models too.

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Monthly allowances on offer are the same as what you'll find on SIM-only, going up to 20GB data and texts. All Virgin Mobile contracts are 'Freestyle', which basically means they're a lot more flexible than phone contracts from most networks.

Virgin mobile new plans

Your monthly bill is split into what you owe on the phone, and the cost of your SIM plan - so you can change your SIM tariff up or down whenever you like, and have the option to pay off the remaining handset cost and get a new one before your contract is up. With our mobile comparison tool, you can compare all Virgin Mobile's phone contracts to find one that works for you. Pick the handset you want from the filters, or pick a few and see how their deals match up.

What Virgin Mobile phone deals are available?

Joining forces with your loved ones could save you a few quid. As a nation, we really do love our mobile phones.

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That love comes at a cost, and not just to your social skills. Now one firm has come up with a way that it argues will offer users cash savings on their mobile bills, so long as they sign up with their family members. The Family Plan from Virgin Mobile is basically a group account. You can choose from a host of different SIM-only or 'freestyle' tariffs, so that you find the right line-up that works for each member of the family. So for example one person who's happy with their handset might only want a SIM-only tariff, but others might want a deal that includes them getting a new handset.

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Similarly you'll each have the full range of available handsets to choose from — just because Mum fancies an iPhone doesn't mean you can't go Android, for example. The Family Plan allows you to bring together those various different deals under a single umbrella, while calls between members of the plan are free as well. It's worth noting that this package is only available to Virgin's broadband customers, so you'll need to be happy committing to Virgin for both your mobile needs and your home internet.

Another selling point to the Family Plan, from a parent's perspective, is that it allows you to set some limits for your family members on precisely what they get up to on their phones. For example, parents can set time limits on exactly how much time their kids can spend online, and what apps they are permitted to install and use. They can also put in blockers on the content they feel is suitable for their children to look at — for example on YouTube — while there's also a 'finder' feature which means they can locate their child's device and view the location.

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