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Find real factory. Millet 5splus multifunctional 5. Samsung a7 a mobile phone shell leather multifunction wallet clutch bag drop resistance a shell protective sleeve lanyard. Pro5 meizu phone shell mobile phone lanyard leather multifunction wallet clutch male and female models m X5PRO shell protective sleeve.

Huawei glory glory al10 note8 phone shell mobile phone shell protective sleeve shell after shell casing cover sets of silicone drop drop glue. C zte phone shell mobile phone lanyard leather multifunction wallet clutch bag drop resistance 6. Apple 7plus iPhone7plus lanyard leather multifunction wallet clutch bag phone shell mobile phone shell protective cover the whole package. Red rice 1 s note phone shell mobile phone clamshell mobile phone sets millet millet 3 4 mobile phone shell protective shell holster rhinestones female. Platinum code china mobile m mc mc m mobile phone shell mobile phone sets protective shell clamshell holster.

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Gouring phone charging phone storage cabinets cabinets 24 30 40 48 60 transparent mobile phone charging cabinet doors. Htcbolt multifunctional mobile phone shell leather holster protective shell drop resistance men and women slim wallet style can be customized.

Topeak iphone6 plus phone shell mobile phone shell iphone5 samsung mobile phone shell mobile phone holder. Music as music as 2 diamond mobile phone protective shell 2pro x mobile phone shell mobile phone shell tide female models ring. Topeak iphone6 6 plus full waterproof mobile phone shell mobile phone holder cell phone pocket ridecase.

Platinum code z9mini mobile phone sets zte nubia mavericks 4 mobile phone shell mobile phone shell holster NXJ protective sleeve clamshell. The 64MP proofs have x pixels, and each image has exceeded 10M in size. In fact, for the average user, 16MP proofs can already meet most of the needs. By contrast, we can easily find that the exposure of 64MP proofs is slightly insufficient, the color is deeper, and the 16MP default proofs on the right side are normal.

Of course, the power of 64MP proofs still needs to be enlarged. Higher pixels mean higher resolution and more detail. The Three Cameras sets of 64MP proofs here. In it, it is difficult to get such a rich sample of the details, but in the 64MP straight out of the sample, it can be said that it is almost complete.


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The large aperture also makes the mobile phone have excellent background blurring ability. As you can see in the above picture, the proof has a good depth of field effect, and the transition between the edge of the shot railing and the blurred background is natural and comfortable, without any late maps.

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In terms of night shooting, the performance of OPPO K5 is basically in line with the expected performance. The overall brightness of the sample is natural and the picture is relatively pure, but the suppression of highlights requires further optimization space. After turning on the super night scene, the most obvious change is that the dark part of the picture is brighter. After the super night scene is turned on, the phone number on the high-rise window sill is brighter and clearer.

It may be due to the engineering machine.

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For example, in the red frame below, it is obvious that the brightness of the sky is not uniform, and some noise marks appear on the edge of the picture. Considering the engineering machine, this phenomenon does not represent universality. I hope the K5 retail version will solve this problem. This processor was released in April this year.

It is an upgraded version of the Snapdragon It is the first to adopt the Samsung 8nm LPP process. The A55 construction has a frequency of 2. The GPU is upgraded to Adreno The Snapdragon G is specially optimized for the game. Because of the engineering machine, this K5 in the hands of the author can not install any running software, so this part does not list the specific data, focusing on the specific feelings in the game and daily use.

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Considering that the same Snapdragon G processor is equipped with Reno2, in theory, the K5 game experience is similar to that of Reno2. In fact, it is difficult for the naked eye to feel the fluctuation of these frame rates.

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  • Eating a chicken, the last king is also very easy. On the other hand, as a mid-range product, the Snapdragon G is also the most suitable and most cost-effective choice for the OPPO K5.


    After all, the Snapdragon G is the top position in the Qualcomm mid-range processor camp, and the K5 is equipped with the Snapdragon. The processor is obviously not very suitable for its own positioning, and it is inevitable to let its own Reno2. With hardware blessing, you also need excellent system optimization to get the best gaming experience, just like a car, with a powerful high-powered engine, you need a smarter gearbox to get the best.

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