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Pick any town to stay for a few nights in this area, be it swanky Castiglione della Pescaia on one of the best beaches or further south and inland like understated Manciano, not far from the thermal baths of Saturnia. Search out country trattorie informal restaurants for inexpensive, hearty food: fresh fish in the summer, and cinghiale wild boar in the winter.

Elba is the largest of seven islands in the Tuscan Archipelago. Outdoor sports are unquestionably the main reason to visit Elba as it offers them all, from hiking with some quite challenging trails to boating of every kind. The beaches are marvelous, from the busy but well-equipped Fetovaia to the lesser known coves that I suggest you seek out Elba Link provides a handy list of beaches.

The main sites are the two Napoleonic villas — the public residence at Villa dei Mulini and the more private space at Villa di San Martino. There is also a Medici Fortress at Portoferraio, some Roman ruins, and a mineral museum.

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Elba is easy to reach — the ferry that transports both people and vehicles takes one hour from Piombino. Prices vary by date and car type; you can price it out and reserve online with either Moby or Toremar. Groceries are available at various supermarkets and small stores around Elba. Prices are highest in August when almost all Italians holiday at the beach. A bit of a lazy town with an abundance of fountains, it was much more important in the late middle ages when it was a papal city the popes lived here in the second half of the thirteenth century. Thomas Aquinas preached here from the outdoor pulpit of Santa Maria Nuova.

The Duomo is a mish-mash of styles since it took over years to build and then was bombed to smithereens in the second world war, but the original Cosmatesque inlaid marble floor makes it worth stopping in. Next to the Duomo, do visit the Palazzo dei Papi open daily except Monday with its graceful and unique one-sided loggia that is one of the symbols of the city.

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The area around Viterbo, known as Etruria, has a fair amount to offer. It shares a history and a number of characteristics with its neighbor, the Maremma. There are Etruscan tombs the most important of which are at Tarquinia , thermal baths, and pleasure gardens the best may be the capricious late-Renaissance one at Villa Farnese at Caprarola. A fine area to visit any time of the year, but perhaps most pleasant in Spring when the air is still cool on your head as you take in the sulphuric waters enjoyed by numerous Popes and by Dante himself.

Italians are known as particularly resourceful people, especially when it comes to tax evasion. So if they create a tax on roofs, the Italian will come up with a dismountable roof for when the tax collector comes by. These small round huts with very thick walls and few openings feature roofs of easily removable bricks stacked in a cone shape. Being extremely small, trulli are often grouped together to create one central and multiple dependent spaces. They have now become fashionable and very expensive to buy. Have dinner here or drive half an hour to Martina Franca, a pleasant late Baroque town excellent for people-watching.

Try the local specialties: orecchiete pasta with any topping for a primo, and sausages or lamb fegatini liver for secondo. Some of the cave dwellings can be visited for a small fee so you can see what it must have been like to be a southern-Italian peasant in the first half of the 20th century. The habitations had no windows and often both people and their farm animals lived in a single room, but they had an intricate hydraulic system that provided cold running water! There are also many cave churches to visit, some with Byzantine frescoes in various states of preservation.

Guided tours are available of the caves in the nearby park Parco delle Chiese Rupestri del Materano. Once you get there, you can proceed mostly on foot. Given the prehistoric nature of the place, consider hiking or biking during your visit tours are offered by the official site Sassi Web.

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Summers are very hot down here, so try to go during the off-season. According to the census, one in five Canadians is foreign-born. With such a diverse population, it is hardly surprising that events across the world resonate in Canada. Some foreign-born Canadians worry for their family back home and hope for the best outcome, while Canadians of all walks of life call for democracy.

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  • On this cold Saturday, hundreds of Canadians gathered on Parliament Hill, right in front of the Peace Tower, to march in solidarity with the people pushing for democracy in Libya and Yemen. The protesters peacefully called for the end of the Gadhafi regime in Libya and a loosening of oppression in Yemen.

    Canadians with dual citizenship. Comments such as these ones can be found on the Web:. The question is…. It should cost them the full price if they want out. If you have been in the country for more than a month you should be on your own to find a way out. These kind of ignorant comments really piss me off, as a dual citizen myself France and Canada and as a traveler. First, becoming a Canadian citizen is not as easy as people think.

    You have to go through the immigration process to become a permanent resident and that can take a few years. Then there is a residency requirement to maintain your permanent resident status: you must live in Canada for at least two years within a five-year period. You are eligible to apply for citizenship after three years in Canada a permanent resident and it takes at least a year for the application to be processed.

    So these Canadians abroad actually lived in Canada to become Canadian citizens. They will have to establish residency in Canada again to be eligible. Is repatriating Canadians abroad a waste of money? Absolutely not. Is that a crime? Not in my book. Kid Among Flags.

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    Protesting for Democracy. Go Out Ali Saleh.

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    Waving the Flags. Khadafi Must Go. In The Crowd. As we look back on the various online marketing and e-commerce trends of , the one that sticks out is the incredible growth of localization. Groupon dominates the sub-category of localization known as social commerce.

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    Social commerce websites include group buying sites like Groupon, which promote daily deals in specific cities through email and social networks typically, a minimum threshold of buyers is needed for the deal to come into effect , coupon sites like RedFlagDeals. Groupon operates on a percentage model, taking a cut usually around 50 percent of revenues from vouchers bought through the online promotion, with the rest going to the retailer. With their ability to leverage social networks and amplify word of mouth, social commerce sites have not only changed how brick-and-mortar businesses view the Web, but are also providing Web-based businesses with a powerful tool to increase sales and generate brand buzz.

    At the time, pundits were expecting to be characterized by the proliferation of social media and the increasing importance of mobile marketing.

    Since then, Groupon has grown to well over 50 million subscribers in 35 countries and has been consistently adding at least six cities a month for most of the last year. And while Groupon is by far the biggest of the social commerce or group buying companies, it has plenty of competitors, most notably LivingSocial which recently got a major boost from Amazon , nipping at its heels.

    Groupon itself appears to have realized this and has been running a variety of national campaigns with e-commerce sites since this past Black Friday similar to the Woot. For companies like chocolate. With that in mind, here are three ways that social commerce can fundamentally change the world of online marketing:. Social commerce represents an almost risk-free way to attract new customers. There is no upfront advertising cost for businesses, no paying for clicks, impressions or committing to an up-front budget.

    Even better, the business controls the cost of customer acquisition depending on the type of discount they choose to offer. But any type of promotion will attract people looking to take advantage of a good deal on a one-time basis. The onus is on the merchant to turn new customers into loyal, long-term advocates. Social commerce promotions are an excellent way for e-commerce merchants to increase their overall orders due to impulse buys, or by offering incentivized specials once customers come through their virtual doors. This may be the most interesting perk of social commerce promotions. First, there is the viral aspect of having people tweet your deals or post them on Facebook.

    Numerous deal aggregator sites also help prolong PR buzz for days. Second, search volume and direct traffic increase exponentially when a promotion is in play, which ultimately boosts sales. For instance, the online printing company I work for ran deals on RedFlagDeals.

    Worth noting was a percent increase in direct traffic, a percent increase in search traffic both paid and organic , as well as an expected increase in referral traffic from RedFlagDeals. As you can see, social commerce and the Groupon phenomenon is not just helping increase the potential e-commerce revenue stream. Mitchell appears to be losing all sense of proportion over his fear of death by werewolf, starting the episode giving blood to Herrick, while Annie clearly starts to lose her faith in her vampire friend as more facts about the Box Tunnel Massacre come to light.

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    • This might not be the strongest episode of Being Human, but that still puts it ahead of most other genre shows currently on air!

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